Equipment supply

Electricity distribution and transmission networks, power plants


Consulting and engineering services

Power plants

(Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric or hydropower)

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In the electricity and energy industry

The possibilities are endless

What makes us the right choice?

As a company, we are proud of:

خدمات برق ایران

A leader in the industry

MehrshidNiroo has been cooperating with the best and most skilled people in Iran's electricity and energy industries for decades. Expertise and experience are the foundation of our services.

خدمات شبکه برق شبانه روزی

We are always available to you

MehrshidNiroo's staff is always ready to assist you. There are several ways you can reach out to us.

Our services are the best in the industry

The best services are provided at the most appropriate price due to MehrshidNiroo's good relationship with the industry.

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